Dr Zoe Schaedel

Dr Zoe joined me as an associate in November 2020.

We met fifteen years ago whilst working together as psychiatry junior doctors at the Priory Hospital.

We both, by chance pursued careers in General Practice specialising in women’s health and Menopause Care.

She holds the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care highest level qualification from the British Menopause Society. She is a British Menopause society accredited specialist and is a British Menopause Society accredited trainer.

She has a specialist interest in Sleep and Menopause and is expert in treating sleep disorder and menopause.

Zoe shares my passion for holistic, patient-centred care and is caring, kind and empathic and a fabulous listener.

Zoe is seeing patients from all over the UK via video link.

Please see link below for a video of Dr Naomi talking to Dr Zoe about the impact menopause has on sleep and what can be done.

VIDEO : Menopause and Sleep Dr Naomi Potter talks to Dr Zoe Schaedel.

Zoe is an NHS GP partner and NHS appraiser in Sussex. She lives near Brighton with her husband, two sons and Golden Labradoodle.

‘My video consultation with Zoe was so easy . She understood everything I was describing. Whilst my gp has been very good – I have had to do the research and persuade her to prescribe HRT . Dr Zoe understood how I am feeling and what is still lacking . It just felt good not to feel defensive or to have to persuade a Dr to give me the right treatment.’

‘I met Dr Zoe Schaedel (virtually) two weeks ago now and she really was the most lovely person to meet & discuss how I have been feeling for the last 2 year. Very much put me at ease from the outset and after speaking to her for 45 minutes, I was more informed and reassured that I had felt in a long time! Cannot thank doctors such as herself, they make a VERY huge difference at a time when you feel unsure of anything & everything. If you are in two minds about paying to see a menopause specialist, please don’t! the peace of mind is invaluable at a time when it is sorely needed.’