Menopause Consultation

Dr. Naomi Potter

Specialist in Menopause Care


Currently, due to COVID, I am seeing all patients via Video Consultation.

This is a very easy and safe way to run a consultation.

Investigations and bloods can be arranged either by your GP or by our local partner providers.

Private prescriptions can be delivered to you at home or your GP may prescribe for you on the NHS.

Video Consultations.

I use an encrypted platform designed for tele-health purposes for ultimate security.

This offers flexibility on day, time and location for patients.

It allows access to care for busy women and those who live a greater distance away.

Consultations run in an identical manner to how they do in person.

I take a full history and any concerns ideas or expectations are then discussed before a management plan is put in place together. ​

Unfortunately this service is open to UK residents only.


Prescriptions can be arranged either via your GP or delivered to you at home via courier from my private pharmacy.

Should you choose to have your medication delivered privately it is extremely convenient and reasonably priced.

The cost of prescription is included within the consultation so you only pay for the actual medication.

Should you require medication outside of a consultation there is a £35 admin charge but this includes same business day ordering.


Investigations including blood tests, Ultra sound scans, DEXA scans and mammography can easily be arranged.

Either via your GP, at my clinic in New Malden or locally to you using partnership providers.

If you prefer a nurse can visit you at home to take bloods so you can avoid health care settings altogether.

For further information please contact me.