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Consultation Fees

Private Menopause Clinic in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey &
Via Video Link across the UK

Initial Patient Consultation

(Video link or Inperson)

I take a careful history to discuss your menopause symptoms and concerns and what preferences you have for treatment. We discuss all your options available at length in a warm, sensitive, supportive environment. Please note Face to Face consultation are £295.


Fees are exclusive of medication or additional investigations.

Follow-up Patient Consultation

(In-person or Video link)

Menopause can be a challenging time for a woman, especially as the nature of the symptoms can be frightening, personal and even embarrassing. We book a follow up session to discuss your progress and then discuss a management plan together.


Fees exclusive of medication or additional investigations.

Prescription Request

(FREE if generated within a consultation)

Prescription generation is included in a consultaton.
Outside of this there is a £35 fee.


Telephone Call

(For Between Consultation Queries FOR REGISTERED PATIENTS)

For detailed queries FOR EXISTING PATIENTS ONLY between formal consultations.


Fees exclusive of medication or additional investigations.

+44 (0) 7595354065



Blood Tests

Blood tests can be arranged by your own GP or you can have bloods and investigations taken privately. This can be either at my clinic at The New Victoria Hospital, Kingston - Upon -Thames or via a partner clinic if further afield. Referral for these investigations is free if within a consultation. If the request is outside a consultation a £35 admin fee per referral will be charged.

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Insurance Consultations may be covered by your insurance provider if your cover includes GP, wellness or screening consultations. ​ Please check with your provider.