Menopause Information

How I can help.

Are you wondering if you you are entering the peri menopause but not sure what the typical symptoms are? Are you feeling increasingly anxious, depressed, worried about memory loss and wondering if you need HRT. Are you suffering hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain, palpitations, chest pain, acne or low libido. Have you been told by your GP that you are 'too young' or that your blood results are 'normal' but you aren't convinced and don't feel yourself?

If any these are your symptoms, the likelihood is that the menopause is playing a considerable part and I can help. I run menopause clinics where we can explore your symptoms and how you are feeling. We can come up with a plan that is right for you. If you would like to use hormones, I sue bespoke body identical HRT. The safest hormones with the least risk and fewest side effects. We discuss the risks and benefits of HRT at length and all your options and formulate a plan together.

Initial Consultation

This is a detailed consultation exploring what your symptoms and concerns are. I will take a careful history exploring your symptoms, concerns, personal medical history, family history and what preferences you have. We will discuss all options available at length in a warm, sensitive, supportive environment. I sometimes arrange for you to have some blood tests, this can be via your GP, my clinic or partner clinics. A nurse can visit you at home if you prefer. Depending on your symptoms, I may request other investigations such as Ultrasound scans. After these results are available we would then arrange a follow up consultation to finalise a management plan. I believe in the advantages of preventative medicine so we will also discuss screening (cervical, mammography, osteoporosis) lifestyle and wellbeing.

At the end of each consultation you will receive a clinic letter for your information and your own GP.

Follow up Consultation

Menopause can be a challenging time for a woman, especially as the nature of the symptoms can be frightening, personal and even embarrassing. We book a 30 min follow up session to discuss further symptoms and expectations and then discuss a management plan. If a woman is keen to pursue HRT, I use body identical HRT in a bespoke prescription tailoring a woman's individual requirements. I use formulary, transdermal (though the skin) estrogens, because of their reduced risk profile, tailored to the individual's requirements. I also use testosterone if required and desired. We discuss and put into perspective the risks and benefits of HRT and potential side effects. If HRT is not for you, because there is a medical contraindication or for personal preference, I offer alternative medical treatment and /or natural alternatives to HRT.

Continuing Care

I would normally arrange for review after three months to see your progress. I can always see you sooner should you wish or if there is a new issue or problem. I offer support via email but this cannot be on a continuous basis and if you are requiring more than one or two emails I will direct you either to your GP or to a further consultation so we can take the time to discuss appropriately. I cant conduct a follow up safely or effectively over email and this approach is against guidelines. The likelihood is after a few months on HRT you will feel much, much better. Symptoms eg hot flushes and night sweats disappear quickly and 'brain fog' lifts , anxiety dissipates and energy returns. Weight can also reduce. There can be side effects with HRT but these tend to be mild and settle in the first few months. These can include nausea, bleeding and breast tenderness. At this point we may discuss the addition of testosterone. Following on from this, assuming you are stable, I would see you on an annual basis unless you required as appointment sooner.

I offer video consultations to UK residents.

This is a secure encrypted platform. This offers flexibility on day, time and location for patients. It allows access to care for busy women and those who live a greater distance away. Consultations run in an identical manner to how they do in person. A full history is taken and any concerns ideas or expectations are then discussed before a management plan is put in place together. ​

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