Testosterone and Menopause

Testosterone is a female hormone.

It declines at the menopause.

Testosterone replacement in women is under used.

It is infrequently offered in the UK.

It is often the final missing piece of the jigsaw in menopause management.

It is especially important in women with early menopause or POI and surgical menopause.

There is currently no testosterone product available on the NHS licensed for female use.

Male products such as Testim, Tostan and Testogel can be used off licence.

Wwe prescribe ANDROFEME testosterone.

This is a body identical female testosterone which we import under special licence from Australia.

This is a regulated body identical testosterone for female use.

It is a cream and getting it out of the tube can be challenging.

In this video my lovely colleague Dinah shows us a few tips and tricks. Using Androfeme